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Managed Off-campus Housing Program

Gradrent is a provider of a managed off-campus housing program. Founded in 2008, we work with universities across the country to create and manage an online listing and information platform dedicated to off-campus student housing.

Our program gives students detailed information on suitable off-campus housing, helps ensure property compliance with university rules and regulations, and provides oversight of user interaction and surrounding properties. We have developed innovative technology that makes it easy for students to locate and review details on local apartments and rental properties by comparing price and lease options, proximity to campus, amenities, and local attractions. The web-based platform allows student-focused apartments and rental properties to apply for participation in the program. Each property must be approved before listing and maintain good standing with the university.

Program Components

Student Benefits

Properties that participate in our program must apply for approval, meet program criteria, and maintain good standing with the university. We help monitor and regulate the advertising directed at students and seek to provide information in an effective yet controlled manner.

Brand Extension

We have optimized the branding elements on the site to enable strict compliance with university color scheme and logo guidelines, allowing the school to present a uniform theme across the site which adheres to individual brand standards.

Data Analytics

Our back-end system has been developed with the capability to produce detailed reporting on student usage and overall inventory availability. These reports can be used by university staff to identify specific trends and determine future housing needs.


We serve as an extension of the student affairs or student life department of our partner schools by supporting off-campus functions (such as housing fairs), providing first-time renter information, and creating city/neighborhood guides that will be made available to students through the front-end site.

Student Surveys

We have the ability to conduct user surveys for students who register on our site. This helps ensure satisfaction with our program and enables data collection for feature improvement and further development. We work with university staff to include any desired survey questions related to off-campus housing.

Zero Cost

Our program is free for our university partners. In fact, we help provide funding to sponsor university-chosen events such as housing fairs or other off-campus informational meetings.

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